There, at Mount Sinai, a huge mass of professionals was gathered. It was an heterogeneous group: communication managers, chairmen, CEOs, director-generals, heads of security and environment, human resource directors, ministers, mayors, rectors, … Everyone was talking to each other, when there was silence. They looked up when they saw a figure under the cloudy sky.

It was the prophet. His mission was clear and unambiguous: To show the way to become a good spokesman. In a scroll he had written a commandment with the ten indisputable maxims of strict compliance. The prophet also stressed the importance of disseminating the contents of that scroll in every corner of the world.

“It is not the panacea we expected,” shouted some of those present. The prophet, surprised, came down from the mountain and very briefly snapped: “These maxims without working, in the same way that work without these maxims, will lead to nothing. Do work”.

And so were born the Ten Commandments of the Spokesman.

I. Remember that talking is not the same as communicating.
II. You will not act on your own behalf.
III. First listen, then communicate.
IV. Do not improvise.
V. You will tell the truth above all.
VI. Remember what you communicate, where, how and to whom.
VII. You will be sure and convinced of what you are communicating.
VIII. You will not waver or ramble.
IX. Do never pronounce ‘off the record’ statements.
X. Do humanize the messages.

Alejandro Teodoro