Why a course on public speaking?

Communication has become an essential tool in social and business relations. Without good communication, your personal brand or your organization will have more problems to develop and be appreciated by the public opinion. In this sense, there is nothing more important than our own image: how you communicate and how people see you.


Speaking in a convincing and attractive manner is not innate gift. Like so much else in life, it can be learnt through effort and dedication. We sometimes do not pay much attention to this issue, due to shyness or modesty, and we try to ignore it. It is only when we come face to face with it that we think we should have done something about it, that learning some public speaking techniques would have been a good idea.

In Vitamine! we make it easy for you. We have a team of experts with many years of experience in teaching public speaking. We also provide televisión teams for screen tests,filming and viewing in order to better appreciate your improvement. We can either travel to your business or you can come to us. We can either provide you with a few basic lessons or a full course. Our only goal is your improvement.

Send us an e-mail with your details and you will receive a tailored planning so that you can reach your goals. You will not be disappointed.

Our Team

Carles Fernández

Journalist and director of Vitamine!

Josep Maria Brugués

Communication consultant specialized in spokesperson training and crisis management.

Neus Sala

TV journalist, she was Head of News Programs at Mediaset-Cataluña.

Lina Lambert

Actress and communication teacher.

Alejandro Teodoro

Journalist with advanced training in communication skills.