Today, everything is marketing. Any excuse is good enough to add the word marketing to the proposals aimed to enhance visibility. It is true marketing is a key point at any strategic approach that search to increase and improve a brand or product presence in the eyes of public opinion.

Vitamine! offers you a comprehensive solution with which we want to achieve both communication and marketing strategies converge in a single plan to obtain better outcomes.

Every marketing proceeding begins with an analysis of the situation, followed by the specific strategy intended to provide solutions and eventually the establishment of the appropriate actions. At Vitamine! we believe in the value of the strategic marketing, so we closely analyze all available variables so that your investment in this kind of actions will obtain the best return.

Our services

  • Surveys to better know audience behaviour
  • Competition analysis (sociodemographic, economic…)
  • Campaign advertisement impact comparative analysis
  • New market searching
  • Product, concept and brand testing.