Act and event planning

Communication and marketing tasks are an indivisible whole. It’s quite hard to distinguish all the different activities they imply because a company, a collective, or a group have to appear in front of the public opinion offering the same image and spirit as a whole. In that respect, brand is key.

That is why at Vitamine! we have created a brand new event division so that our customers get the chance to organise all sort of acts and public presentations relishing the same closeness, quality and service patterns which we accompany them with through all the communicative campaign. At Vitamine! we have organised from machinery fairs and product presentations for specialised press to big hotel establishment openings.

We think it is the best way to offer a complete service we are in charge of from beginning to end so that you only have to enjoy it.

Our services

  • Event, institutional act, presentation and press conference organisation
  • Congresses, seminars and fairs
  • Brand-new establishment, commercial space, and firm openings, as well as institutional visits
  • Product presentations
  • Prize-giving ceremonies