External Communication

In our society, we live overloaded with information. There is a constant bombardment of millions of messages reaching us through a great deal of channels. To accomplish the message of your company or organization arrives neatly and without distortion at your target audience and potential customers is a task that is worth leaving in professional’s hands.

At Vitamine! we are a team with corroborated years of experience that elaborate communication strategies combining corporate communication, marketing, and public relations to help make your messages known by public opinion in order to achieve prestige and diffusion to your brand, project or company. We proceed applying the same five Ws applied in traditional journalism: WHY –the reason to communicate-; WHAT –the message to be communicated-; WHEN –the right moment to communicate it-; WHERE –which media to choose to communicate it -; and WHO –the person/s to communicate it-.

However, above all, at Vitamine! we are experts on a sixth one: HOW –the way to communicate it-, in order to achieve the better outcome. That is why our speciality is the personalized and direct dealings with our customers, which allows us to plan together the steps to follow (research, definition of audiences, techniques, goals, targets and evaluations) and have a consensus about the best solutions.

We want to be efficient for your communication, for that reason we want to listen to you.