1. Addition of personal data to Vitamine Communications S.L.

In accordance with the terms set in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on personal data protection (hereafter “LOPD”), it is reported that all personal data provided by the User through the websites that are accessible by way of the domain names vitamine.cat and their respective subdomains (hereafter known indistinctively as “the website”) will be included and treated in the files owned by VITAMINE COMMUNICATIONS, S.L. (hereafter “VITAMINE COMMUNICATIONS”) for the following purposes: (i) to make the provision of the services requested by the User possible and to attend to his/her information demand. (ii) to keep the User informed, even by way of electronic media, on VITAMINE COMMUNICATIONS products, services and news. At any moment, the User can request no longer receive messages of this kind by sending an e-mail to info@vitamine.cat.


2. The exercise of rights

The User can exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition set by the LOPD by addressing a written communication to VITAMINE COMMUNICATIONS SL, Plaza Dr. Letamendi 37 At 2ª-08007 Barcelona, or by sending an e-mail to info@vitamine.cat. In both cases, the interested User must send a copy of his/her identity card, passport, or any other identifying document.


3. Underage people not allowance policy

Under 14 year old people must not provide their personal data to VITAMINE COMMUNICATIONS without the previous permit of their parents or tutors. Please, if you are a minor, ask to your parents or tutors to contact us first.


4. Personal data reported by the User.

The User must not provide personal data of third parties by way of the website. The User undertakes to not hold VITAMINE COMMUNICATIONS liable for any claims, fines or penalties stemming from his/her failure to comply the obligation explained above.


5. Cookies use

Cookies are a data set a server places in the User’s browser. In such a way, the server can know the subsequent User’s visits to the site. That is to say it is a little text file that remains in the User’s computer hard disk and that serves to identify him/her when entering the website again. The goal is to record the User’s visits and keep some information.


What kind of cookies are there?

According to their permanence, cookies can be classified into “session cookies” and “permanent cookies.” Session cookies disappear from the User’s hardware when he/she leaves the website or closes the browser. Usually, they store in the cache memory. As for permanent cookies, they store on the User’s computer hard disk in a permanent or lengthy way so that the website that has launched them can track new User’s visits. Expiration date of this kind of cookies is decided by the website that launches them.


Does this website use cookies?          

VITAMINE COMMUNICATIONS informs the User that this website DOES NOT use cookies.


Can I set up cookie installation in my browser?

The User can set up his/her browser in order to be warned about cookies admission, and avoid installation if desired. Likewise, the User can check  cookies installed in his/her browser and their expiration date, and he/she can  delete them too. Please, further information can be found in your browser instructions and guides.


Version in force since April 26, 2013.