Nowadays, a question or subject can be monitored in real time on the social networks, but this app makes easier a group of people can agree to find consensus and the most popular answer in a few seconds and in real time.

Thousands of people, united after the same cause or common concern, can debate and come to an agreement on whatever subject, and in a matter of seconds. We think it is a milestone when it comes to favour interaction between people. We could check how it works by means of Big Brother, that TV program everybody repudiates or avoids to watch (to admit one watches this program it is not trendy at all) but Big Brother became a pioneer by allowing smartphone’s live free use to twitter on set without censure.

It is an easy and intuitive app, and its creators assure improvements to come. We will be expectant for it has been a really surprise and it is sure it will progress.

Helena Abellán