“Dialogue is the most valuable tool of a company that wants to improve.”

A. Brandolini

Many companies currently tend to worry a lot more about their external image (target audience, potential customers, media: playing to the gallery, in fact) rather than to the proper functioning of the internal communication between its members.

In general, this type of communication is often downward -from managers to employees-, although the optimal scenario would go through a bilateral and horizontal relationship with dialogue as the main tool. The diagnosis requires a thorough study by experts outside the company who will propose the most appropriate channels.
And, at all times, employees should be aware of what is happening in the company before bad news, for example, find their way into the media or seep into social networks, for their frighteningly uncontrollable spreading.
Great danger then, because it will be the company that will be affected as well as its managers: criticisms on Facebook and Twitter galore, discredit of brand prestige, loss of confidence of users / consumers and employees, which can lead to a decrease in sales of goods or services.
Recollect the ‘I am not stupid’, motto of Media Markt firm, although taken out of context for this post. Some managers do not realize it, but do not forget that the employees of a company are its main ambassadors. Do not underestimate them: word of mouth is extremely powerful. One day you have a loyal customer and the next, you have lost him / her.

“There are people who speak and can persuade and change realities only with the word.”

A. Brandolini

Here you have an eloquent video:

Marta Albiñana